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We are LiPolBattery Co., Ltd, established in 1997. We provide more than 5000 models of 3.7V Li Polymer Battery for All our partners from home and abroad!

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Li Polymer Battery Businesses Since 1997

Li polymer battery, Customize Your Lithium ion Polymer Battery with Very Short Lead Time and Delivery Time. High Energy Density. Lower Self-Discharge. Light Weight & High Safety!
Over 5000 models of 3.7V li polymer batteries, thickness range from 0.4mm to 14mm, capacity range from 8mAh to 10000mAh+.
Moreover, we also provide lithium ion batteries  and battery packs.
Our 3.7V li polymer battery equipped with Protection circuits and 50mm or 100mm wires and NTC for alteration.
If you have any requests, also can be added JST/Molex/Hirose/Mouser connectors for free!


We can provide and Design&Customize a wide range of li polymer batteries for you to choose and evaluate according to your requirements.

Fast Delivery

We can offer a variety of transport services. Our li polymer battery with very short lead time & delivery time(4~7 days) by Door to Door via DHL/UPS.

Safe & Secure

All our li polymer battery has been fully checked and tested before shipment. Safe with Japan IC+MOS and Compact Shape and long cycle life.

About Li Polymer Battery

With over 10 years of experience in the lithium polymer battery industry, our team increasingly understands the unique needs of our customers.
We can provide OEM&ODM Services according to your requirements.
Battery customized exactly to your demands!
All of our batteries have a protection circuit for preventing battery Overcharge, Over-discharge, Overcurrent, Short circuit, thus effectively protecting the battery and prolonging its service life.
You can also request an NTC(Thermistor) built-in the PCM board and the JST&Molex connectors

Best Li Polymer Battery Supplier

From a custom system to stocked items, we will meet your demands in the most effective manner.

About li polymer battery

Li polymer battery can provide all kinds of batteries for our clients all over the world. Moreover, we also offer OEM&ODM services to design and customize a lithium polymer battery and battery packs.
We even also support you with a full service from designing and producing battery, also include battery packing and shipping.
Before transportation, all batteries made by li polymer battery will be done complete and further tests such as dimensions, weight, capacity, voltage, impedance, Max charge and discharge current, charge ending voltage, discharge ending voltage, and so on.
We always stand behind our products now, then, and in the future. We have customized your battery in any size, capacity, and shape.
You will not find a diverse battery manufacturing company in China!

3.7V Standard Li Polymer Battery

(Capacity & Thickness)

The most popular 3.7V Standard Li Polymer Battery can be added to the JST/Molex/Hirose connectors for you to select!

Li Polymer Battery LP171320 3.7V 25mAh with Tab
Li Polymer Battery LP402535 3.7V 320mAh with PCM, NTC, Wires, and connector
Li Polymer Battery LP653560 3.7V 1350mAh with protection circuit and wires(in center)
Li Polymer Battery LP302426 3.7V 190mAh with PCM, wires, connector
Li Polymer Battery LP402535 3.7V 320mAh with protection circuit, NTC, and wires
Li Polymer Battery LP1066121 3.7V 10000mAh with protection circuit, NTC, wires, and connector
Li Polymer Battery LP362227 3.7V 240mAh with protection circuit, wires, and tab
Li Polymer Battery LP463450 3.7V 800mAh with protection circuit and wires
Li Polymer Battery LP7852115 3.7V 5000mAh with protection circuit, NTC, wires, and connector
Li Polymer Battery LP481449 3.7V 300mAh with protection circuit, wires and connector
Li Polymer Battery LP426760 3.7V 2000mAh with protection circuit and NTC
Li Polymer Battery LP954896 3.7V 5000mAh with protection circuit, NTC, wires, and connector

3.7V Shaped Li Polymer Battery

No matter the Round Li Polymer Battery, Ultra-Thin Li Polymer Battery or the Curved Novel Li Polymer Battery, you can count on us.

High Quality Li Polymer Battery

Our battery is increased safety with Japan IC&MOS protectors and can be added with a custom length of wires 22AWG, 24AWG, 26AWG, 28AWG.

Support For Requirements

Certifications For Li Polymer Battery

For us
We are a ISO9001: 2015 certificated battery manufacturer in China.
For our battery
We have UL、CE、KC、CB、PSE、RoHS、UN38.3、IEC62133 and MSDS!

Connectors For Li Polymer Battery

According to our customer requirements, we can provide the option to add different types of connectors. All li polymer battery connectors from Molex / JST / Hirose / Mouse are available to be added to our li polymer battery with a custom length of wires, different wires sequences & different wires colors!

Li Polymer Battery Specifications & Datasheets With Different Needs

We are committed to developing high energy density li polymer batteries and providing solutions to medical, sensing and communication problems.

INFORMATIONS: Dimensions, Discharge/Charge Rate, Ambient Conditions, Assmble…