li polymer Battery 2s 7.4V

Specification & Details: 

Battery Type:Li Polymer Battery
Part Number:LP526793 2S, 526793 2S
Wat-Hou Rating:26.64Wh
Weight:Appr. 150g
Protection Circuit Module(PCM):Yes
Max. Operating voltage range:6.00V to 8.40V
Max. Charging voltage:8.40V ± 50mV
Max. Charging current:1800 – 3600mA
Max. Continuous discharge current:1800 – 3600mA


This rechargeable rectangular Lithium-ion Polymer Battery LP526793 7.4V 3600mAh battery can come with a protection circuit board, 10K NTC, 50mm, 100mm, or customized length of wires connectors. For small samples, we support MOQ 5 pieces with 5~7 days lead time in stock. In addition, we offer tailor-made services, and you can make your exclusive batteries in any shape and size.

Here are ours High-Quality Batteries with Factory Customization for your reference:

We provide more than 5000 models of rechargeable lithium polymer battery, capacity from 8mAh to 10000mAh+, thickness from 0.4mm to 14.0mm with IEC62133, CE, RoHS, UN38.3, and MSDS.

Also, we provide customized services; support customized your battery in any size, shape, capacity, and voltage.

About Lithium ion Polymer Battery

Lithium polymer battery, also known as a polymer lithium battery, is a kind of lithium-ion battery or chemical battery. Compared with other batteries, it has high energy, miniaturization, and lightweight characteristics. The ultra-thin features can be made into batteries of different shapes and capacities to meet the needs of some products. The theoretical minimum thickness can reach 0.4mm.

Lithium polymer battery usually consists of several identical parallel secondary cells to increase the discharge current or several battery packs in series to increase the available voltage.

We have been producing and selling Lithium Polymer Batteries for more than ten years. This popular rechargeable polymer battery LP526793 2S 7.4V 3600mAh is one of our most popular 3.7V li-polymer batteries.

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