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Lipol Battery Co., Ltd, is one of China’s earliest private enterprises devoted to Creative Power For Future Energy located in Shenzhen, China.
With over 10 years of experience in the power industry, our team understands the unique requirements of customers and can provide Customized service with competitive prices on high quality.

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Building Successful Businesses from Li Polymer Battery


We provide a variety of li polymer batteries of different sizes & capacities. Every other month will upload new product models of li polymer batteries. Also, Customization li polymer batteries welcome!

High Quality

Our li polymer battery increated Safety with Japan IC & MOS PCM which can be added 50 or 100mm wires and NTC and connectors for alteration. Also easy to assemble with mounted plugs!

Good Services

We can reply to your inquiry for the first time, and provide a set of services including quotation, shipping, specification, certificate, etc. At the same time, we support sample orders and large orders!

Li Polymer Battery Development

After more than 20 years’ development, we have become a professional environmentally friendly battery manufacturer integrating design, R&D, manufacturing, and marketing, with an area of over 20,000 square meters.
Our battery range: 3.7V Li Polymer Battery 8mAh~10000mAh+| 3.8V High Voltage Li Polymer Battery3.8V Rechargeable Micro Lithium BatteryHigh Rate Discharge Li Polymer Battery 1C~120CHigh Rate Discharge 18650 Battery18650 Lithium-ion BatteryRC Li Polymer Battery 3.7V 7.4V 11.1V 14.8V 18.5V 22.2V 25.9V 44.4V…Round Li Polymer BatteryCurved&Novel Li Polymer BatteryUltra-Thin Li Polymer BatteryCylindrical&Columnar Li Polymer BatteryCustomized Li Polymer Battery Pack.
Our battery is widely used in various fields: GPS, E-book, laptops, Bluetooth, mobile phones, digital cameras, digital camcorders, gaming types of equipment…and export to the world.


The production capacity meets 2M of lithium polymer battery per month.


The production capacity meet 4M of lithium polymer battery per month.


The production capacity will meet 10M for a smarter 5G products.

ISO9001-2015 Certificated Li Polymer Battery Manufacturer

ISO9001-Certificated-Battery Manufacturer-LiPol-Battery

Hot-Selling Battery Products

The li polymer battery website will be updated here for you of  the latest battery products!

Hot News From Li Polymer Battery

Li polymer batteries can regularly update the latest news about new energy of battery for you! please feel free to follow us.

Wireless Headphone Market Analytics

Wireless Headphone Market Analytics

Wireless Headphone Market AnalyticsThe wireless headphone market is overgrowing when Apple company publishes the new wireless headphone - AirPods. Tim Cook also said, AirPods is the best seller, and it's subverted to the market. More and more IT companies such as...

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Mobile Phone Battery & Car Battery

Mobile Phone Battery & Car Battery

Mobile Phone Battery & Car Battery Current lithium-ion battery is used for two fields. One is an electric car, the other one is 3C products. 3C products are kinds of household appliances. The most extensive needs of a lithium-ion batteries are mobile phones which...

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Flexible Lithium Battery Technology

Flexible Lithium Battery Technology

Flexible Lithium Battery Technology More and more products have become flexible, and as an essential accessory, the lithium battery also needs to be flexible. We never stop improving the technology and production process on our flexible lithium battery from design to...

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How To Contact Us To Order?

We do not provide Telephone consultation, the reason being that it is impossible to offer a quality product at an attractive price or answer your questions without making some compromises.
Please contact us by official E-mail about your interested battery model&quantity or other requirements of Li Polymer Battery.
Such as LP503759 100pcs with a price and lead time.
We’ll reply to you within 12hours.


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9:00 AM-12:00 AM
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Ship via UPS/ DHL/FedEx/Express
Lead Time: 5~7 days