Li Polymer Battery Catalog with Capacity Above 10000mAh

Here you can find almost all of our standardized rectangular rechargeable lithium polymer battery that capacity above 10000mAh batteries
  • High energy density
  • Lower self-discharge
  • Light Weight & High Safety
  • Provide customized services
  • Wide range of applications
Li Polymer Battery Catalog

5000+ Type Lithium Battery

Connectors + PCM & 10K NTC + Wires | Higher Capacity | 500+ Cycles | Satety Lithium Ion Polymer Battery

Great Full Services

Accept Small Orders | Fast Global Shipping Via DHL/UPS/FedEx | Professional 12-hour Response

High Quality & Safety

Safe with Japan IC+MOS/ PTC/ NTC | Fully rigorous tet and Charge to 60% at 3.8~3.9V before shipping

10000mAh+ Li Polymer Battery Catalog

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