High-Quality Li Polymer Battery with Factory Customization

Support Customize the any battery with different size, shape, capacity, and voltage

we also offer the most comprehensive customer-specific assembling solutions.
You can custom your lithium polymer battery. No hesitate, contact us to get the best solutions for rechargeable lithium-polymer batteries.
A large range of li polymer batteries with or without PCM, NTC, Wires, and Connectors in stock!

custom battery

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We provide over 5000+ models of Standard Li Polymer Batteries, Thickness range from 0.4mm to 14mm, and Capacity range from 8mAh to 10000mAh+.

We also manufacture the Special Shaped Li Polymer Battery such as the (Round Li Polymer Battery)
(Cylindrical & Columnar Li Polymer Battery)(Curved & Novel Li Polymer Battery)( Ultra-Thin Li Polymer Battery)(18650 Lithium-ion Battery) or the (High Rate Discharge Battery) and (RC Li Polymer Battery),
these batteries have different sizes and capacities.

The Battery Application

Li polymer battery combined with intelligence and surrounded by a casing previous solutions from sectors like medical, communications and robotics, or more other electronic devices…

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