How many months of a li polymer battery life when it’s built-in a wireless products guarantee?

The lifespan of a li polymer battery in a wireless product depends on various factors, such as the battery’s capacity, discharge rate, charge cycles, usage patterns, and product power consumption. After considering these factors, it is not hard to provide a specific number of months as a guarantee for the li polymer battery life. A higher-capacity battery can keep for more months, but a lower-capacity battery can keep for a few months.

The manufacturers estimate battery life for charge cycles rather than a fixed number of months. A typical li polymer battery can last for around 300 to 500 charge cycles before its capacity significantly degrades (to approximately 80% of its original capacity).

To estimate the li polymer battery life in months, consider the usage pattern of the wireless product. If the device is used daily and requires daily charging, a li polymer battery with a 300-500 charge cycle lifespan would last approximately 10 to 17 months (300 to 500 days) before experiencing noticeable capacity loss.

Remember that adequately handling the li polymer battery can extend its life. Avoid overcharging, over-discharging, exposing the battery to extreme temperatures, and physical damage. Using a li polymer battery with a higher capacity or a product with lower power consumption can also help increase the overall battery life.

It’s essential to review the manufacturer’s specifications and guidelines for the wireless product and its built-in li polymer battery to determine the expected battery life and any associated guarantees.