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We designed over 5000 models of li polymer battery for wearables technologies. Not surprisingly, the customer from the wearable filed benefits from the unbeatable quality of our Lithium Polymer Battery.
You will never find a second li polymer battery supplier with so many types.

If you want a custom size & capacity of li polymer battery, it’s also friendly for us. The engineering samples are available before mass order. We provide competitive pricing and a smaller quantity for custom li polymer battery. All we do what we want to help you to start your good idea.


Mount Molex/JST connectors


103AT 10K 1%@ +25C B3380

Accurate Size

Reasonable ± tolerances include room to swell when charging

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Short circuit protection board

Cable Wires

Custom wire length change the direction (center/side)

Custom Services


3.7V Standard Li Polymer Battery

(Capacity & Thcikness)

Li polymer battery we manufactured can stock huge energy within thinner & compact shape. It can stock more than 80% capacity after 500cycles, and it has a low self-discharge of about 5% per month.

Choose A Suitable Li Polymer Battery for Your Devices

Whether it is a cylindrical & Columnar, 18650, round, curved, special-shaped, or ultra-thin, high-rate discharge, RC li polymer battery, even the 3.8V high voltage li polymer battery, and the battery pack, you can always contact us.

Customized Li Polymer Battery Pack in Series & Parallel

We assemble the battery in series or parallels, if you have not found a suitable battery, we can customize it to meet your different needs.

2P1S Li Polymer Battery LP102050 3.7V 2000mAh with connector and NTC

2P1S Li Polymer Battery LP102050

            Voltage&Capacity: 3.7V@2000mAh
            Configuration: 1S2P
            Weight: appr. 40g
            Wat-Hour Rating: 7.40Wh
            With PCM, NTC, wires, and connector

2S1P Li Polymer Battery LP705258 7.4V 3000mAh

2S1P Li Polymer Battery LP705258

            Voltage&Capacity: 7.4V@3000mAh
            Configuration: 2S1P
            Weight: appr. 120g
            Wat-Hour Rating: 22.20Wh
            With protection circuit and wires 50mm


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