What do you do when you receive our li polymer battery?

What do you need to do when you receive our lithium battery?

What do you need to do when you receive our li polymer battery?

1. The li polymer battery should be charged before use.

2. Please refer to our official technical specifications for the charging method.

3. The li polymer battery should be charged by a suitable charger for charging.

4. The use of lithium polymer battery should be kept in a ventilated environment, otherwise, hydrogen gas will be generated and it will explode in the presence of a fire source.

5. To prevent the lithium polymer battery from damaging your skin and eyes due to the alkaline fluid that has been splashed by heat, do not separate the cells or allow it to get squeezed or bumped.

6. Keep lithium polymer battery far away from children. If swallowed, contact the doctor immediately.

7. When the lithium polymer battery is not in use, it should be disassembled from your application.

8. The new lithium polymer battery and the batteries after long-term storage need to be fully charged before use.

9. When the temperature of the li polymer battery is hot, you should stop using and do not touch it before cool.

10. When unplugging the lithium polymer battery, you should hold the connector, not the wires.

11. If the lithium polymer battery is hot after use, you should place them in a ventilated area without sunshine and let them cool before recharging.

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