Wireless Headphone Market Analytics

The wireless headphone market is overgrowing when Apple company publishes the new wireless headphone – AirPods.

Tim Cook also said, AirPods is the best seller, and it’s subverted to the market. More and more IT companies such as HUAWEI, MI, Microsoft, Amazon, OPPO, Vivo are planning to publish new products in 2019.
In 2018, the sales quantity of all world was 46M, and the amount will be 129M in 2020.

The attention rate of wireless headphones is 51.7%, and the market of China is increasing. In 2015, the Bluetooth headphones took over 39%, but in 2017 the rate is increased to 56%.

The sales of wireless headphones closed to 20M in China.
The best choice is the head-mounted headphone and in-ears ones.

Gil thinks that wireless headphones are more power on voice communication than the general headphones. The additional sensors (Gravity Acceleration Sensor) and the other components into the headphones and extend the experience and functions. The smart headphones break the limit of the speaker when more and more devices support voice communications. Smart headphones have more advantages in the moving situation or On-The-Go. It will be the next tide of smart hardware when long working time with powerful lithium-ion polymer battery. The critical point is the headphones should have more functions without phones.

The attention rate of head-mounted headphones met 44.3%, and the rate of in-ear headphones met 33.2% in 2018. What should we have to focus on is sports earphones.

The market for headphones is snowballing because the production technology is improving. The working time longer and longer supported by the high energy density of lithium-ion polymer batteries.

LiPol Battery Co., Ltd has provided lots of smaller lithium-ion polymer batteries for this kind of product.

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